25 ideas: Creating An Open-Source Business Model For Newspapers

Search SiliconValleyWatcher – Bog – By Tom Foremski – February 18, 2009

I’m just one of many people coming up with business ideas for saving newspapers. There are a lot of posts being published on this subject. Someone should collect all the advice because it’s turning into some kind of open source business model. And the beauty of this approach is that only a few newspapers need to have the courage to try new ideas–if any one of them succeeds then the rest can piggyback. They win and we win. Here are my 25 ideas on how newspapers might be able to survive and become innovative media businesses:

1: Focus on original content, do not rewrite wire stories or press releases. If newspapers start charging for content people are more likely pay for content they can’t get anywhere else…….



Eine Antwort zu “25 ideas: Creating An Open-Source Business Model For Newspapers

  1. Tell the truth from any source that it comes from. Let the community buy into what you are selling. A one sided production is a lonely adventure at best. It’s just a matter of time before no one is listening.

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